So I think I finally cracked the code. It took me quite a while as I am in my late 50s but better late than never!

Here it is. Set your goals and your standards higher than you ever have. If you do this you will actually achieve what you really want.

I know this is true because I used to be happy making $100 a day when I was younger. I would say to myself as an entrepreneur, wow, here I am at home I did have to leave my house and I'm making an easy $100 a day.

Then I realized as I got older that I was just settling.

I then started shooting for $300 a day. If I worked eight hours that would be $37.50 an hour. And I thought that was really good and I was happy with that.

But as every entrepreneur knows when you're working for yourself you don't make a set amount of money every single day.

So if I made $300 that day I might make only 100 the next day or I might even make zero on some days.

So I really thought hard and long about this and how I was working my days.

I didn't have a schedule and I didn't have any goals written down except for a monetary goal of the amount of money that I would like to make that day.

It all changed when I started setting actual goals and then preparing and writing down the steps to get to those goals.

I had to manage my time much differently as well.

The reason that many people are not successful or happy were they want to be is they don't have good time management skills/

And in this day and age it is very easy to get sidetracked. We get bombarded from the left and from the right by social media, advertisements, technology advancements, new technology like artificial intelligence, and interesting articles pointing our face every minute.

So when I said I cracked the code here is exactly what I did.

I allotted a small amount of time every morning for me to check my emails and see what was important and what wasn't. I used to get sidetracked when reading these emails because I would get a cool offer and that I would spend 10 minutes watching a video presentation about that offer.

You do not want to do that.

Simply check your emails, delete the ones that are spam, delete the ones that are not priority and save the ones were yet to take action on.

No matter what business you're running you have to set monetary goals, and your workflow for the day.

You need to be very clear on what you're going to do.

In my instance I was selling ad space at this time. Previously I did not have a system and I would just be all over the place and not contact potential clients.

So I set a goal of contacting at least 50 contacts a day. Whether it be by calling somebody to renew, cold calling someone or cold emailing.

This would have to be done every day without fail. My average client brings me in $300.

I do have clients that renew with me residually which is a very good thing so that is also thrown into the daily mix.

I then set a strong goal of closing three deals a day.

I could not move on to other tasks or do anything else until I closed three deals a day.

Out of the 50 connections, I would usually get about 5 to 10 people of interest (leads) and I could usually close around two to three of them. The others went into my pipeline that I could nurture and try to close them later.

So shooting for 3 deals out of 50 was a difficult task.

I had a good product and I was a good salesman so I wasn't really worried about it. 

I just put my head down, got rid of all of my distractions and I went to work.

I Impeccable statistics as well.

The story doesn't have the greatest ending but I was able to close 64 deals in my first month. 

That put me very close to the $20,000 a month range. I was a little bit short.

But the point here is that I had never done that before.

I was on pace to gross almost 1/4 million dollars on my own. 

So the secret is to be absolutely 100% sure what you're selling, but your net margins will be, how many people you have to contact to get to your goal and then put your head down and do it.

It is that simple.

You have to be very very positive and think about money affirmations every day as well. Think about how easy it will be to get money to come to you if you really want it.

That is the other part of the secret to success.

Remember money is not success. Completing your goals and obtaining your worthy ideals is success.

So all you have to do is know where you want to end up in what you want out of life and then get an actionable plan together and carry it out every day and do not stop until you get to where you need to be.

I promise you you might not end up exactly where you want to be but you'll be close and you'll probably be the happiest you've ever been in your whole life.

I hope you enjoyed this motivational read. If you don't trust in anything, trust this, if you work hard, and give out to the world it will come back to you and you will realize you worthy ideals in life.

Best of luck. I'm pushing for you!